Blood Temp 10

Simple Quality Assurance for Blood Transportation and Storage

The Timestrip® Blood Temp 10 blood temperature indicator helps enhance your existing quality control process for blood transportation. Timestrip® Blood Temp 10 monitors real-time temperature of the blood and clearly indicates when 10° C temperature has been breached.

  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance: AABB Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services and the FDA’s CFR 600.15(a) for monitoring temperature of whole blood during transportation and storage
  • Easiest to use:With simple, push-button activation, the indicator requires no special conditioning prior to use for cost-effective monitoring
  • Maintain quality control and assurance in blood transportation and storage
  • Real-time data to make quick, safe decisions

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  1. Timestrip® Blood Temp 6, Blood Bag Temperature Indicator, 6 Degree Celsius, 100 per Box

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