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Order High-Quality COVID Vaccine Stickers at PDC

At PDC, staff and patient safety are top priority. Therefore, we have included different types of vaccine stickers and labels into our offering.

COVID-19 Vaccination Badge Stickers

A COVID-19 vaccine sticker is recommended for use on employee badges. It provides a noticeable visual indicator of vaccinated employees while also motivating patients to get vaccinated. The tamper evident "VOID" feature of the round sticker leaves behind a message when the sticker is tampered with, preventing removal and transfer.

"I GOT MY COVID VACCINE" Vaccination Stickers

Ideal for both, patients and staff, these pre-printed vaccine labels feature a removable adhesive and have a fun design. The CDC recommends that healthcare facilities use stickers like these to promote confidence in the vaccine....

COVID-19 Vaccine Storage and Handling Guideline Labels

These four labels detail the CDC guidelines for proper storage and handling of the COVID-19 vaccine. They help organizations with Beyond Use Date/Time (BUD) tracking for both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

Flu Stickers

Do you want to encourage your staff or patients to take safety precautions before flu season begins? Then, a flu shot sticker is the way to go. Whether you prefer paper or synthetic material, their bright design clearly indicates every vaccinated person.

TIP: To convey important instructions or information between caregivers and other departments, communication labels are the ideal solution.

Support Your Facility's Vaccination Efforts

Show support of your healthcare facility's vaccination efforts by wearing vaccination stickers. But before choosing the right one from the PDC online shop, let's answer some questions.

  • Where Is a Vaccination Sticker Used? Vaccination stickers are used in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, pharmacies and other facilities.
  • What Do Vaccination Stickers Indicate? Vaccination stickers – whether a flu shot or a COVID vaccine sticker – show that a person has been vaccinated and identifies personnel who are in compliance with vaccination standards. Moreover, by wearing one you also motivate other staff members and patients to get vaccinated.
  • Where Do I Put a Vaccination Sticker on My ID Badge? Vaccination stickers with permanent adhesive should be placed on your ID badge next to your name, credentials or your photo (it should not cover it). Some stickers (with removable adhesive) are also meant to be worn on clothing. Note: DO NOT put the vaccination sticker on the side with the magnetic stripe because you won't be able to swipe your card.
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