GPO Contracts


PDC contracts cover all PDC product lines.

  • Patient Identification, Labels, and Imaging Products & Supplies: #VH11339
  • Mammography Products: #VH10819 (Amerinet Intalere Choice Line)

HealthTrust Purchasing Group

PDC is the sole source contract for Patient Identification Wristbands, Blood Bands, ID Products, and Labels.

  • Patient Identification Wristbands: #HPG-5608
  • Labels: #HPG-597


PDC has the national contract for Patient Identification Wristbands, Labels, and Related Products as well as Security Systems and Services

  • Patient Identification Wristbands, Labels, & Related Products: #PP-MM-733
  • Security Systems and Services: #PP-FA-743

The Resource Group (Ascension)

  • Patient ID Products and Labels: #RD000001133


The PDC contract includes Patient Identification products. PDC also has a NOVAPLUS contract.

  • Patient Identification #MS6371

First Choice Cooperative

  • Patient Identification Bands & Labels: #FC2310

Magnet Group

  • Labels and Tapes: #2705

Managed Healthcare Associates (MHA)

  • Patient Identification and Labels: #641MHA
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