Blood Bands

blood bands

Positive Patient Identification for Blood Transfusions and Blood Work

Your hospital has invested time and resources to perfect its blood transfusion protocols to deliver superior patient care. However, a single patient or blood misidentification error can have serious or even fatal results. According to the FDA, there is an average of 414 transfusion errors in the U.S. each year. One of the top National Patient Safety Goals established by the Joint Commission is to eliminate transfusion errors related to patient identification. The PDC line of blood bands and systems can help.

PDC recommends the Securline® Bar Code Blood Bands to satisfy the Joint Commission’s requirements for a one-person verification process. Bar code technology helps prevent misidentification caused by human error and provides greater workflow efficiency to allow caregivers more time for patient care. With a serialized bar code ID and alphanumeric codes, Securline® Bar Code Blood Bands accurately match the patient to the right blood, ensuring maximum safety throughout the blood transfusion process. They provide unrivaled scanability, safety, and security.

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