Duraholder® Surgical Instrument Holders

Duraholder® Surgical Instrument Holders

Protect & Organize Surgical Instruments

The Duraholder® Instrument Protection System (IPS) is designed to prevent costly damage to delicate surgical instruments and saves valuable operating room time by organizing instrument sets while maintaining AAMI (GuidelineST-79) compliance.

This unique pouch is also designed to organize and protect surgical instruments during the sterilization cycle. It can be run in standard steam or ETO cycles.

  • A proven method of protecting delicate instruments from the sterilization facility to the operating room, reducing instrument repair costs
  • Provides an easy way to keep instruments organized in the operating room, reducing the number of lost instruments and improving overall efficiency
  • Adhere to sterility and sterile product guidelines and protocols - AAMI guideline ST79 states that “paper-plastic pouches are not appropriate for use within wrapped sets or containment devices”

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