3D Tomo Skin Markers

Clear Identification. Clear Savings.

3D breast tomo markers are used for 3D digital breast tomosynthesis (tomo). These low-density markers are designed to clearly identify an area of concern without obscuring critical breast tissue.

PDC exclusively offers breast health professionals the ability to choose the marker that best fits their needs.

Spee-D-MarkTM 3D Soft Mark

  • Less bright to offer the least amount of slinky artifacts
  • Reduces opportunity for missed abnormalities
  • Least amount of distortion and obscuring over leading competitive brand

Spee-D-MarkTM 3D

  • Brighter to appear in more slices to document location of areas of concern in deeper planes
  • Designed to highlight without hiding crucial breast tissue
  • Compatible with both 2D and 3D technologies

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