• 1956

    Precision Dynamics Corporation (PDC) is Founded. PDC Develops the First Single-Piece Wristband

    PDC Co-founder Dr. W. Mosher was 22-years-old and focused on his engineering studies at UCLA when he started PDC with three investors

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  • 1972

    PDC Adds Visa Band® Product Line for Entertainment & Recreation Markets

    PDC expands its product offering to address the identification and crowd control needs for entertainment & recreation markets.

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  • 1976

    PDC Launches Clincher®, the First Inmate ID Wristband System

    PDC becomes the first company to provide Inmate ID Solutions for law enforcement and correctional facilities in 1976.

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  • 1984

    PDC Develops First Bar Code Wristband System

    Setting the standards in Automatic Wristband ID, PDC creates the first bar code wristband system. Using computer automation,

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  • 1995

    PDC Becomes ISO 9001 Certified

    In 1995, PDC becomes the first wristband identification company to earn the coveted ISO-9001 (International Standards Organization)

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  • 1997

    PDC Purchases Assets of Mark-Clark and Secur-Ticket Divisions of M-C industries

    PDC’s purchase of the assets of the Mark-Clark and Secur-Ticket divisions of M-C Industries expands the company’s product offering in

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  • 2000

    PDC Launches the Smart Band® Radio Frequency (RFID) Wristband System

    As the next step in wristband identification after bar coding, PDC develops the revolutionary Smart Band® RFID System.

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  • 2003

    PDC Expands to Mexico

    PDC expands internationally and opens a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Mexico, representing the company’s

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  • 2004

    European Headquarters Established

    PDC establishes its first European Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium with the acquisition of its long-time distributor MFR Europe, now PDC

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  • 2005

    Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Partnership

    PDC partners with Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific to help implement RFID wristband solutions in the Asia Pacific healthcare market.

  • 2006

    PDC Acquires ID Product Lines From Hollister, Inc.

    Hollister Ident-A-Band® hospital wristband and WrisTicket® entertainment wristband product lines purchased by PDC.

  • 2008

    Precision Dynamics Corporation Acquires TimeMed Labeling Systems, Inc.

    Precision Dynamics Corporation acquires TimeMed Labeling Systems, a national producer of specialty healthcare labels, to create the

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  • 2011

    Precision Dynamics Corporation Merges With The St. John Companies, Inc.

    Precision Dynamics Corporation merges with The St. John Companies Inc. to create the world’s leading provider of patient safety

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  • 2012

    Precision Dynamics Corporation Become IS0 9008:2008 Compliant

    Precision Dynamics is ISO-compliant which means that our products and services are held to high quality standards. Through our

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  • 2012

    Brady Corporation Acquires Precision Dynamics Corporation

    Brady Corporation (NYSE:BRC) (“Brady”), a world leader in identification solutions, announced today that it has acquired

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  • 2014

    IDenticard launches Rack-ArmorTM Server Protection

    Patented, innovative, award-winning data center security solution provides control over physical data centers, including monitoring who

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  • 2015

    PDC Establishes New Manufacturing Plant in Mexico

    State-of-the-art manufacturing facility with 1M square feet of floor space to house the company’s expanding manufacturing capabilities.

  • 2016

    PDC Launches Ident-Alert® Equipment Tags Line

    Ident-Alert® Tray and Scope Tags help central sterile processing personnel properly identify, classify, and track trays, scopes, and

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  • 2017

    PDC Expands Manufacturing to Brazil

    To support faster production and distribution in South America, PDC expanded their manufacturing footprint by adding a new site in Brazil.

  • 2018

    PDC & IDenticard Join to Form PDC IDenticard

    For the past several years, Brady Corporation has been managing two closely related identification solutions businesses under individual

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  • 2019

    PDC Launches Line of Direct Thermal Printers

    PDC now offers several new thermal printers to meet all of your patient identification needs with a single solution from the company

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  • 2020

    PDC Introduces React Mobile®

    PDC now offers React Mobile®, a precise, location-based panic button alert system to healthcare and education markets. Through its parent

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