Time & Temperature Indicators

Time & Temperature Indicators

Identification Solutions that Incorporate Advanced Technology to Indicate Time or Temperature

  • TimeAlert® IV Indicators: Simple, smart reminders allow caregivers to know at a glance how much time has elapsed in an easy-to-read visual format, reducing human error potential.
  • Blood Temp 10 Indicators: The Timestrip® Blood Temp indicators help enhance your existing quality control process for blood transportation, monitoring real-time temperature of the blood unit and clearly indicating when threshold temperatures have been breached.
  • Timestrip® Virus Specimen (VST): This series provides a quality control resolution for proper transport and storage of clinical virus specimens to comply with required FDA and WHO monitoring guidelines.
  • Timestrip® TIR: This is an electronic temperature indicator for transport and storage of highly valued, regulated product shipments and pharmaceuticals.

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  1. Timestrip® Blood Temp 6, Blood Bag Temperature Indicator, 6 Degree Celsius, 100 per Box

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