Imaging Markers

Imaging Markers

Accurate Images & Comfortable Patients: Order High-Quality Lead-Free Markers Today

PDC offers a large variety of lead-free skin and film markers to fit all of your general radiology and oncology needs. Speed-D-Mark™ skin markers provide an accurate and reliable image on film that properly identifies positioning. Skin markers are available in various sizes, patterns, adhesives and modalities to provide an accurate image as well as comfort for your patients.

  • Speed-D-Mark™ General Radiology & Oncology Skin Markers feature a large BB to withstand radiation therapy, making them ideal for radiation sites.
  • Spee-D-Arrow™ Skin Markers are directional markers featuring an arrow to indicate point of entry, foreign bodies, and pain.
  • Spee-D-Left™ & Spee-D-Right™ Film Markers are great for portable procedures, trauma and isolation cases.
  • Multi-Modality Markers are important for image guided surgery, providing a reference point on scanned images without tissue indents or artifacts.

Our radiology and oncology skin markers meet applicable National Patient Safety Goals of The Joint Commission and other regulatory guidelines. They are also frequently used in mammography screenings.

TIP: If you are looking for the optimal markers for mammography screenings, discover our broad selection of mammography skin markers.

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