Laser Wristbands

laser wristbands

Maximum Performance & Print Durability for Laser Printers

PDC offers a wide variety of laser patient identification solutions to meet each healthcare provider’s needs. PDC’s laser wristbands are compatible with all laser printers and are easy-to-use, reliable, and durable. There are many formats and styles to choose from that will seamlessly integrate into your current printing and patient care workflow. Our most popular styles feature the wristband and labels on one sheet, which is more convenient and saves time. We have wristbands and labels that are compatible with Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and all other leading EMR systems.


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Our traditional laser laminate wristbands seamlessly integrate with all laser printers, ensuring easy workflow integration. Opt for DuraSoft® wristbands for a 50% faster application process, featuring patented design and advanced soft material for durability. Elevate patient safety with DuraProtect®, offering intelligent design, laminate shield, and paper-free construction.

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  1. DuraProtect® Laser Patient ID Wristband, Adult, 20 Labels
    As low as $386.58
  2. DuraProtect® Laser Patient ID Wristband, Adult, Tamper Evident, 20 Labels
    As low as $417.12
  3. DuraSoft® Laser Patient ID Wristband with Holes, Adult, Tamper Evident, 20 Labels
    As low as $371.77
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