Comfort Cushion™ Mammography Pad

Comfort Cushion™ Mammography Pad

Softening the Mammography Experience

Mammography technicians do everything they can to capture accurate imaging while also making patients feel comfortable during the procedure. That’s why we created Comfort Cushion™, a soft breast cushion for the image receptor that provides a more comfortable mammogram experience.

“The Comfort Cushion improves the patient experience by making the mammogram exam more comfortable. We hope the Comfort Cushion will help patients to feel more comfortable to return each year for their annual mammogram.”

Department Supervisor at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital

Reduce Patient Discomfort

Soft surface reduces patient discomfort during compression and eliminates the cold feeling from the receptor plate

Capture More Accurate Images

The grip of the cushion makes it easier for technicians to properly position and secure breasts, leading to reduced retakes and more accurate diagnosis

Use Easily with Your Existing Mammography System

Apply the cushion adhesive directly onto your image receptor to keep it securely in place, and simply peel it off when done using it, leaving no residue

Improve Patient Satisfaction

A more comfortable mammogram experience helps improve satisfaction and encourages patients to return annually for their exams

Provide Special Care for Sensitive Skin

Ideal for patients with sensitive skin or aged, thin skin that have special needs to prevent skin tears

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