Hospital & Patient ID Wristbands

Patient ID Wristbands

Medical Grade Patient ID Wristbands For Efficient Patient Identification

What Is A Patient ID Wristband and Why Is It Useful?

A hospital wristband is an armband that ensures positive patient identification and a time-saving communication of sensitive data in a demanding healthcare environment. Thus, its use not only benefits patient safety but also facilitates the workflow of healthcare providers. Browse through PDC’s high-quality ID solutions and find the optimal patient wristbands that fit your needs.

Hospital Wristbands From PDC

More than 80% of U.S. hospitals already use PDC hospital wristbands. The benefits include:

  • Easy to use – from printing to attachment
  • Made of durable materials
  • Very comfortable to wear due to light and soft materials
  • Compatible with numerous hospital wristband printer models and EMR systems including EPIC, Cerner, and Meditech

How Hospital & Patient ID Wristbands From PDC Ensure Patient Safety

When it comes to working in demanding healthcare environments, proper and efficient identification is crucial. Identifying patients with a hospital wristband prevents treatment mistakes due to human error and saves the hospital staff valuable time to care for the patients.

Whether used for patient admissions, labor delivery & NICU, or blood band identification, these wristbands offer a versatile and reliable solution for enhancing patient safety and streamlining healthcare processes.

Types Of Patient ID Wristbands

PDC's laser hospital wristbands offer compatibility with most major EMR systems. Hospitals can choose from various styles, seamlessly integrating them into their current workflow. This ensures a reliable method of patient identification through laser-printed patient ID and hospital wristbands.

DuraSoft® laser wristbands by PDC, deliver a 50% faster application and save over 275 nurse hours annually. These latex-free, phthalate-free wristbands provide excellent barcode and print durability with a patented design, offering an economical solution with over 40 styles available. For advanced patient safety, explore DuraProtect® laser wristbands, featuring a laminate shield, exclusive peel-off design, and paper-free construction.

Thermal Hospital Wristbands

Direct thermal patient id wristbands have become pivotal in revolutionizing patient identification within healthcare settings. The process involves direct heat to produce high-quality, durable wristbands. The clarity and longevity of thermal prints make these wristbands indispensable in various medical applications.

In this lineup, ScanBand® Soft stands out as the softest and longest-lasting wristband available, preventing ID errors with printed patient information that lasts 30% longer. Its gentle touch minimizes the risk of skin cuts, catering to patients of all ages, and now comes with a clasp closure option for added convenience.

Additionally, ScanBand® DR, designed for patient safety that lasts, resists fading from admission to discharge. Compatible with most direct thermal printers, it produces long-lasting and readable barcodes and text.

Shield & Insert Hospital Wristbands

Shield wristbands can be used with laser or thermal-printed labels as inserts. These wristbands are particularly valuable in situations with heightened fluid exposure, such as surgical procedures. By striking a balance between durability, robustness, and lightweight comfort, these patient ID wristbands present an ideal solution for ensuring secure and comfortable patient identification across a spectrum of healthcare settings.

Handwritten & Imprinted Hospital Wristbands

PDC’s handwritten & imprinted patient ID wristbands provide a flexible solution for patient identification. These wristbands are designed to accommodate both handwritten annotations and imprinting, catering to the diverse documentation needs of healthcare providers.

RFID Hospital Wristbands

Experience the future with PDC's RFID patient ID wristbands, offering advanced automation for patient identification. Compatible with RFID systems, these wristbands streamline processes like patient tracking and access control, contributing to a modernized healthcare environment focused on safety and workflow efficiency.

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