Patient ID Wristbands

Patient ID Wristbands

Medical Grade Hospital Wristbands for Efficient Patient ID

What Is a Hospital Wristband and Why Is It Useful?

A hospital wristband is an armband that ensures positive patient ID and a time-saving communication of sensitive data in a demanding healthcare environment. Thus, its use not only benefits patient safety but also facilitates the workflow of healthcare providers. Browse through our high-quality PDC healthcare ID solutions and find the optimal patient wristbands that fit your needs.

Patient ID Wristbands from PDC

More than 80% of U.S. hospitals already use PDC hospital wristbands. The benefits include:

  • Easy to use – from printing to attachment
  • Made of durable materials
  • Very comfortable to wear due to light and soft materials
  • Compatible with numerous printer models and EMR systems including EPIC, Cerner, and Meditech

How Hospital Wristbands from PDC Ensure Patient Safety

When it comes to working in hospitals, proper and efficient identification is crucial. Identifying patients with a hospital wristband prevents treatment mistakes due to human error and saves the hospital staff valuable time to care for the patients.

Types of Hospital Wristbands

Laser Wristbands

Our laser wristbands are compatible with all laser printers and leading EMR systems such as Epic, Cerner, and Meditech. Choose among different styles and easily integrate them into your current printing workflow.

Thermal Wristbands

Discover PDC's broad collection of thermal patient wristbands and simply filter the products by your specific printer model. The thermal patient ID wristbands help reduce waste and optimize efficiency with superior print performance and scanability.

Shield Wristbands

Shield wristbands can be used with laser or thermal printed labels as inserts. Their unique self-adhesive, anti-glare shield protects the labels from fluid penetration. A shield hospital wristband is durable and robust, yet lightweight for maximal comfort in patient ID.

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