HIPAA Compliant Labels

Ensure Patient Confidentiality

To comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule for securing protected health information (PHI), PDC offers HIPAA privacy medication labels. These convenient labels make it easy to de-identify IV medication bags and medication containers that contain patient information. Choose from three distinct styles of specialty pharmacy labels that conceal all PHI, without danger of re-identification.

Self-Shred Piggyback IV Bag Labels

Peel off top portion of this piggyback label to obscure patient information before discarding the IV bag.

Perforated Single Layer IV Bag Labels

Remove patient information from the label - great for reissuing IV bags.

Identi-Hide Label Covers

Apply label over the medication container label that contains patient info when the container is discarded. The heavy black text and pattern covers patient info, making it impossible to read from both sides of the container.

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