X-Ray Cassette Covers

Reduce Cross-Contamination and Prevent Infections

Safe-D-CoversTM by PDC provide a barrier between the patient and your detector, protecting your investment while increasing productivity, workflow, and efficiency.

Safe-D-CoversTM reduce opportunities for cross-contamination. In a recent TechValidate Survey of hospital infection control professionals, 82% agreed that using disposable covers for their imaging equipment would help prevent the spread of infection.

Using other covering methods, like trash bags and pillow cases, may increase the likelihood of image artifacts and fluid penetration.

PDC Safe-D-CoversTM are specifically designed for x-ray detectors, with features including:

  • Various dispensing options available including a convenient, self-dispensing box
  • Secure closure options available
  • Disposable
  • Tear-resistant
  • Artifact-free

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