Alert Wristbands & Snaps

Alert Wristbands and Snaps

Identify Special Risk Patients with Standardized Colors & Alerts

In September 2008, the American Hospital Association (AHA) issued a quality advisory encouraging hospitals to adopt standard colors for the most common condition alerts—in the form of color-coded patient wristbands. PDC provides a variety of alert products including color-coded wristbands, wraps and snaps that align with essential hospital code colors.

Why Do Hospitals Use Standardized Color-Coded Wristbands?

Within the healthcare sector and in hospitals, standardized color-coded wristbands are of utmost importance.They enhance patient safety as they represent visual cues to quickly communicate a certain health care status or an “alert”. The reasoning behind this concept is that many doctors and nurses practice in multiple locations. Not knowing which wristband colors correspond with certain conditions could result in serious, possibly fatal, errors. By establishing uniform color-coded wristbands (e.g. a yellow risk or red hospital bracelet, a purple hospital band etc.), the staff ensures that the patient receives the best care possible in every hospital.

Why Choose PDC Color-Coded Wristbands?

At PDC, we fully support the color-coded alert standardization initiatives that have been adopted by the majority of state hospital associations, as well as the AHA. The color-coded wristbands from our online shop have various advantages:

  • Highly visible colors and easy-to-read text
  • In compliance with standardization guidelines
  • Improve caregiver communication and patient safety
  • Product guarantees on most national GPO contracts to ensure 100% customer satisfaction
  • Latex-free and comfortable
  • Customizable to identify other types of special needs and precautions

Discover our wide selection of color-coded patient wristbands today to improve patient safety tomorrow!

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