Renovo® Pharmacy Labels

Renovo®  Pharmacy Labels

Easily Reissue Unused IV Bags & Syringes

Renovo® direct thermal pharmacy labels feature a specially-formulated, adhesive that allows the label to be easily and cleanly removed when an IV bag or syringe needs to be reissued. The label remains firmly adhered to the IV bag or syringe through temperature changes during prep and is alcohol resistant.

Quickly & Easily Reissue IV Bags and Syringes

The labels easily remove in a single piece, leaving no residue behind, allowing pharmacy techs to efficiently reissue medication

Easy Scanning and Accurate Medication Administration

The crisp direct thermal printing means barcodes and patient info won’t fade or smudge

Reduce Workarounds and Relabeling

With alcohol-resistant adhesive, the labels adhere firmly to the bag or syringe, even through temperature changes

Helps Protect Patient Information

Because the labels containing patient information are easily removed, it is easier to dispose of them in a manner that is HIPAA compliant

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