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What our mammography customers are saying

The Sheila R. Veloz Breast Imaging Center has been purchasing Spee-D-Mark skin markers from PDC Healthcare for many years. Our facility performs primarily digital mammograms; we have been pleased to learn that all of their skin markers are designed to work with both digital and analog technologies.

PDC Healthcare has developed new products to assist us in our mission to better serve our patients. Their new dual density, radiolucent skin markers were designed to provide clear identification and prevent burnout by providing dual densities. We will continue to purchase the Spee-D-Mark skin markers from PDC Healthcare for all of our skin marking needs.

- Terry Bucknall
Sheila R. Veloz Breast Imaging Center

The mole markers show up so much better than other markers, especially on MLO views.

- Natasha Sumblin
Medical Enterprise

We found the marker to work very well on the CC views of dense breasts, especially if the mole is located laterally.

- Gail Trimyer, Manager
Mid Atlantic Women’s Care Imaging

Why waste money on another marker you can't see or find? That's why I buy this one.

- Cathy Kehl
Millard Henry Clinic

Does not obscure any tissue.

- Teri Johnstone
Brandywine Hospital & Trauma Center