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ValuePlus Standardization Service

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ValuePlus Standardization Service

ValuePlus® is the only standardization service of its kind that combines best practices for patient safety, regulatory compliance, and fiscal control. With unmatched personal attention, PDC Healthcare will guide you through a quick and convenient procurement process that will help your organization:

  • Minimize costs and maximize efficiencies by streamlining orders through Purchasing using a single source provider.
  • Reduce SKUs and POs to economical levels with centralized purchasing through a preferred vendor vendor.
  • Easy visibility and tracking of total spend for solid fiscal control with streamlined purchasing.
  • Reduce labor and supply costs for processing, freight, and warehousing
  • Complies with GPO contracts for significant potential savings

View the ValuePlus® Brochure:

ValuePlus Standardization Service
  • Discover the benefits of ValuePlus

  • See how simple the two-phase process is

  • Learn how Saint Thomas Health Services saves 22% and streamlines label purchases through ValuePlus

View the ValuePlus® Case Study (Intermountain Healthcare):

ValuePlus Standardization Service - Intermountain Healthcare
  • Discover how Intermountain Healthcare (located in Utah & southeastern Idaho) benefits from the following savings:

  • 99% Reduction in ID Product Suppliers

  • 42% Reduction in SKUs

  • 88% Reduction in Purchase Orders

  • 88% Reduction in Cost of PO Processing

View the ValuePlus® Case Study (Saint Thomas Health):

ValuePlus Standardization Service - Intermountain Hospitals
  • Discover how Saint Thomas Health (serving middle Tennessee) achieved the following benefits:

  • 22% in savings ($200,000 total savings over 4 years)

  • Dramatic reduction in vendors and purchase orders

  • Much more streamlined ordering process, eliminating waste and congestion

View the ValuePlus® "Hidden Spending" Flyer:

ValuePlus Standardization Service - Intermountain Hospitals
  • Like an iceberg, healthcare organization spending is mostly hidden, eating up dollars:

  • Don’t let hidden costs sink your budget!

  • ValuePlus® is designed to greatly reduce these hidden costs and maximize product spend

  • ValuePlus® helps organizations achieve patient safety goals, ensure best practices, and meet regulatory compliance standards

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