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Lycra Supports

Lycra Supports

Body-Flex Lycra Supports, by PDC Healthcare, have a breathable design to allow 35% more porosity. They retain some natural body heat to keep muscles warm, while also allowing ventilation to eliminate overheating. Just 2.1mm thick, Body-Flex Lycra Supports fit like a second skin! Their non-slip design, unlike inferior brands that constantly slip, features a silicone-like lining at key areas to eliminate slippage—especially when active. Body-Flex Lycra Supports provide greater compression with their longitudinal stretch that fits snug and tight to allow full motion without restricting support and compression.

PDC Healthcare’s Body-Flex Lycra Tennis Elbow Compression Strap incorporates a conformable gel compression pad for relief from tennis elbow pain. This popular tennis elbow support utilizes the comfort and compression of our Body-Flex Lycramaterial combined with a conformable gel pad to deliver focused relief from tennis elbow pain. The loop lock closure over the gel pad and the contoured design eliminates rotation and sliding of the support on the forearm to ensure the focused compression stays right where it’s needed.

Our Body-Flex LycraKnee Sleeve gives superior compression and support. A thin layer of silicone-like material keeps the support positioned exactly where you want it. This support won’t slip like the other brands do. PDC Healthcare’s Body-Flex LycraKnee Sleeve is available with or without buttress pad options.

The conformable gel pad over the tibia provides relief from Osgood Schlatter Syndrome with PDC Healthcare’s Body-Flex LycraOsgood Schlatter Support. This 13” length sleeve delivers combined compression from both the gel pad, which conforms over the tibial tuberosity, and from the compression strap over the gel pad. PDC Healthcare’s Body-Flex LycraOsgood Schlatter Support provides excellent pain relief in sporting activities, thanks to the cooler construction of the Body-Flex Lycramaterial and the patented non-slip suspension system.

The Body-Flex LycraStabilized Knee Support, by PDC Healthcare, gives lateral and medial stability with patella support more comfortably than neoprene. This translates into improved compliance and quicker healing. Our Stabilized Knee Support is available with or without gel buttress pads and hinged knee options.

PDC Healthcare’s Body-Flex LycraCriss Cross Stabilizing Support has elastic criss cross straps to increase rotational stability. This special design incorporates a Velcro®-compatible neoprene front panel with the Body-Flex Lycraback panel for comfort and compression. PDC Healthcare’s Body-Flex LycraCriss Cross Stabilizing Support is available with the standard felt buttress, or the conforming gel buttress for patella positioning.

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