Patient Wipes

Improve the Patient Experience with Cleansing Wipes

Our new and improved cleansing and deodorant wipes are gentle on the skin, have a new fresh scent, and are still offered at the same low price! PDC Mammo FreshWipesTM and ReFresh Deodorant WipesTM prevent unwanted artifacts and leave patients feeling fresh.

Mammo FreshWipesTM feature a feminine mammography cleansing towelette used prior to mammography procedures to remove residue oils, powders, and deodorants. They dry in seconds with no remaining residue for maximum patient comfort. Patients appreciate the way that Mammo FreshWipesTM leave their skin feeling tingly fresh and clean.

ReFresh Deodorant WipesTM are used after mammography examinations. Your patient will leave feeling clean, comfortable, and refreshed.

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