Autoclavable Labels and Tape

Autoclavable Labels and Tape

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Autoclave labels enable the proper identification of equipment, instruments and supplies as they go through the autoclave process. They are designed to be applied onto a tray or tag to identify who owns the surgical equipment and instruments and what procedures they’re intended for as they go through the autoclave. This helps to improve communication and efficiency, getting the items into surgery more quickly.

Autoclave tape serves as a visual indicator that equipment has been sterilized. The tape begins beige and comes out of the machine with green stripes to indicate the equipment has been sterilized.

  • Durable and lab-tested to withstand autoclave and common disinfectant solutions
  • Labels are made of premium synthetic material
  • Withstand temperatures up to 300℉
  • Remain adhered through autoclave without peeling or falling off

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