Media Matters Program

PDC Healthcare launched its “Media Matters” Program to educate healthcare organizations on the importance of wristbands and labels to patient safety.

As a gatekeeper for quality care, the wristband and label are the only items that remain with a patient throughout his/her hospital stay, connecting the patient to all major hospital functions.

The right wristband and label media can determine the success or failure of your patient system. Don’t risk patient safety by using inferior ID products. 


PDC Healthcare media provides superior:

1. Safety & Security with multiple closure options and tamper-evident material that prevents the transfer of wristbands, while meeting critical regulatory compliances.

2. Compatibility with each unique application; products are designed to meet specific environmental requirements (NICU, laboratory, long term care, x-ray, etc.).

3. Scan Reliability to deliver consistently accurate scan rates for positive patient identification and tracking. 

4. Durability to stand up to the test of time and maintain effectiveness throughout the patient’s full stay.

5. Comfort with smooth, soft materials that have contoured edges that are safe and comfortable against even the most delicate patients’ skin.

6. Printing Performance to facilitate jam-free printing through smooth and seamless feedability— every time—while prolonging the print head.

7. Workflow Efficiency to streamline steps at point-of-care, providing efficiency and convenience for caregivers so they can focus more time on caring for their patients.

8. Selection of Wristband Sizes to fit all shapes and sizes of patients, from the smallest new-born babies to the largest adults.

9. Resistance to Common Fluids including 70% Isopropyl alcohol, alkaline detergent, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, and Iodine.

10. Antimicrobial Coating protects wristbands from non-pathogenic, odor-causing bacteria, preventing degradation and discoloration, which can   effect the legibility of patient information, the accuracy of bar code scanning, and the comfort and satisfaction of patients.


For more information on the many benefits of PDC Healthcare products or to order free samples, please call 800.435.4242 today.

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