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GPO Contracts

GPO Contracts

Amerinet has awarded PDC Healthcare contracts covering all product lines AmerinetChoice products include Mammography Wipes and Cold Packs Contracts

  • Patient Identification & Labels - #VH11339
  • Imaging Products and Supplies - #VH13000
  • Mammography Products - #VH10819 (Amerinet Choice Line)

HealthTrust Purchasing Group (HPG) has awarded PDC Healthcare the sole source contract for
Patient Identification Wristbands, Blood Bands, ID Companion Products, and Labels.

  • Patient Identification & Blood Bands #HPG-5608
  • Labels #HPG-0597

MedAssets and Broadlane have awarded PDC Healthcare with contracts covering numerous product lines.

  • Patient Identification #MS03157
  • Labels #MS01277, #MS03126
  • Charting: #MS03488
  • Covers: #MS01277

Novation has awarded PDC Healthcare the contracts for Labels, Patient Identification and OB products. Our Patient Identification and Label contracts are proud to support the prestigious NovaPlus line of products.

  • Labels #BP11030
  • Patient Identification #MS2062
  • OB #MS01233

Premier/ASCEND have awarded PDC Healthcare the National contract for Patient Identification Wristbands, Labels, and Related Products.

  • Contracts PP-MM-186 & AS-MM-186