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Triage & Screening Wristbands

Colored Wristbands to Support Coronavirus COVID-19 Emergency Response

PDC supports the Healthcare community as Coronavirus COVID-19 causes a rapid increase in patients needing urgent medical care. Our colored wristbands can help with your triage and screening protocols to identify varying levels of care needed or whether patients have been screened. They come in multiple color options to allow you to rotate colors by days or to color code groups of patients.

Custom solutions are also available to meet your specific protocol requirements.

We're here to help. If we can support you in any way during your Coronavirus COVID-19 Emergency Response, please call us at 800.435.4242.

Sentry® SuperBand® - These bands are made of plastic for increased durability and have a locking snap for extra security. This makes them completely non-transferable.

Short Stay® Write-on Wristbands - These bands are made of Tyvek material. They are economical and tear-resistant with a tamper-evident adhesive closure. Available in narrow and striped options.

Short Stay® TablessTM Adult Wristbands - These bands are made of Tyvek material with tamper-evident, adhesive closures. They have a patented, single-piece tabless design.


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