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Conf-ID-ent™ Blood Recipient System

Conf-ID-ent™ Blood Recipient System

The Conf-ID-ent™ Blood Card System with alphanumeric serialization or bar code and alphanumeric serialization establishes a positive link between the patient, the transfused blood and all related paperwork. Blood cards and red blood bands are available as a set or sold separately.

Blood Card

  • Form includes 18 labels and 1 blood band insert card
  • Labels are pre-numbered with unique alphanumeric identifier or bar code and alphanumeric identifier
  • Permanent adhesive on labels creates secure bond
  • Latex and Phthalate-Free

Blood Band

  • Soft, flexible vinyl for superior patient comfort
  • Insert pocket protects patient information
  • Secure tamperproof button-style snap closure
  • Outpatient Blood Band available in red or white
  • Inpatient Blood Band available in red, green, orange, white or clear
  • Latex and Phthalate-Free


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