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Custom Labels

With over 50 years of experience, PDC Healthcare is your expert at designing and producing the exact Healthcare Labels to meet your facility’s specific needs. Give us your specifications, and we will create an economic labeling solution that’s just right for you.

Simplify your job by creating your own Custom Message Labels from PDC Healthcare. Printing Custom Labels will save valuable time spent on a handwritten labeling system. Reduce errors with PDC Healthcare's Custom Labels and communicate your message clearly. Choose from our wide selection of fluorescent and brightly-colored Custom Labels to get your message the attention it needs so it won’t get overlooked. With PDC Healthcare, you can have a minimum order as low as one roll of 500 Labels!

All of our Custom Labels meet one or more of the Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals. Learn more.

PDC Healthcare has a large portfolio of custom labeling solutions including: Barcode labels, Computer-Generated Labels, Consecutive Numbers, Flags & Tags, HIPPA Compliant Self-Shred IV Labels, Label/Form Combination Sheets, Property Asset Tags, Self-Laminating Labels, Sterile Medication Labels, Tapes, and more.

The largest selection of pharmacy and laboratory labels at the lowest price - guaranteed!

General Pre-printed Custom Label

Simplify your job by creating your own custom message labels.

Save Time:eliminate time spent writing the same message

Reduce Errors:clearly communicate your message

Get Attention:choose from available fluorescent and brightly-colored materials to print your message on, so it does not get overlooked

Great Price:priced as low as 2 cents per label

Low Minimum Quantity:minimum quantity as low as 1 roll of 500 labels

To order today, call 800-435-4242 or complete this form and fax to 800-321-4409

Specialty Custom Labels