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Our company is committed to meeting and exceeding customer requirements, and maintaining a company culture that fosters continuous improvement. Our objective is to maintain an effective system that delivers defect-free products/services on time, every time.

Most companies talk about quality and customer satisfaction, but not every company can make the kind of investments in people, processes, and technology that create value for their customers. With a reputation for integrity, innovation, and expertise, we consistently deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers.

ISO9000:2008 Compliant


Our company main headquarters in Valencia, CA is ISO-compliant which means that our products and services are held to the highest quality standards possible. We follow ISO systematic, world standard approach to ensure superior product design, manufacturing, and customer support services. Annual re-certification processes validate our ongoing commitment to quality.

  • ISO9000:2008 is the globally recognized standard for quality and may be required by some customers.
  • Through compliance with ISO standards, you can be assured we have superior business practices and a quality management system that assures maximum quality product and services.
  • The standard requires levels of service / product performance to continuously improve, resulting in higher customer satisfaction levels.
  • Continuous improvement activities are based on the accepted Deming Cycle of Plan Do Check Act, and include the use of FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) as recommended by the The Joint Commission in Healthcare.
  • Why do we commit so much time and resources to Quality? Because the quality, accuracy, and reliability of our products and services are critical to the success of our customers and businesses. This is something that we take very seriously.

Teaming up for Quality Corporate Culture Through Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and Kanban Processes

We use several process-improvement tools, including Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and Kanban to create a culture of quality where all employees consider process improvement part of their jobs.

Six Sigma is a highly disciplined, data-driven methodology for improving business processes and quality. Six Sigma contributes to our customer focus by forcing us to look at our business processes from the outside in, considering customer requirements first and foremost. By understanding what our customers need most from us to be successful, be it reducing product defects, product costs or time to delivery, we are able to make a difference in areas that are critical to meeting customer needs.

Lean Manufacturing is a process-improvement methodology that focuses on speed, efficiency and reducing waste. Whereas Six Sigma is closely associated with improving quality, Lean works to accelerate cycle times and reduce the cost of any process by removing waste and eliminating non-value-add cost. Our customers needs are constantly changing, and tools like Lean an important complement to Six Sigma - help us to be responsive.

Kanban production and inventory control systems provide closed loop visibility of our global supply chain. Kanban removes waste, shortens product lead times, reduces inventory levels, and eliminates expediting fees to ensure timely and accurate delivery of your products

Quality Through the Voice of Customer

When it comes to Quality, we closely listen to the Voice of the Customer to ensure that we stay on top of our customers current and future needs, while understanding what our customers need to be successful.

We constantly strive to better understand our customers needs and measure our performance through vehicles such as our Customer Council and Customer Survey program. By increasing interaction between PDC Healthcare and our customers, we can better ensure that your views and needs are clearly understood and fulfilled.

Customer satisfaction surveys show that we exceed our customers expectations in areas that are the most important to you, including product quality and comfort; customer service and responsiveness; turnaround time; pricing; and overall value.

FDA Compliance

Our manufacturing sites are registered Medical Device manufacturing Facilities with the United States Food and Drug Administration. The FDA imposes strict regulations to maintain this registration including frequent surveillance audits. We have been found to be compliant to FDA regulations during these audits.