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Patient Safety

Patient Safety

A Passion For Patient Safety

With as many as one million people injured from errors during hospital treatment each year,* patient safety continues to be among the healthcare industry’s top priorities. PDC Healthcare’s positive identification solutions help healthcare institutions to protect patients, reduce risk, and adopt best practices to achieve compliance with important regulations listed below. In fact, the top rated and safest hospitals in the U.S. choose and rely on PDC Healthcare products and services*

PDC Healthcare wristbands and labels systems help to eliminate human errors by accurately identifying the patient and connecting anything collected from, administered to, or performed on that patient. They also enhance efficiencies, improving the effectiveness of communication between caregivers, while saving time and resources. With increased confidence that medications are managed and documented correctly, nurses can focus on face-to-face patient time. Both caregivers and patients feel peace of mind from technologies that are designed to work for them.

The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals

Identify Patients Correctly                  Improve Staff Communication  

Use Medicines Safely                         Prevent Infection 

Identify Patient Safety Risks               Prevent Mistakes in Surgery


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Stage 2 Meaningful Use Requirements

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for protection of patient privacy

Food and Drug Association (FDA) for patient identification

American Health Association (AHA) to reduce the risk of lost or transferred data