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Alert Snaps and Clasps

PDC Healthcare's Color Coded Alert Bands®, Ident-Alert® Snaps, and In-A-Snap® Clasps support the color-coded alert standardization initiatives that have been adopted by the majority of state hospital associations, as well as the American Hospital Association (AHA). In September 2008, the AHA issued a Quality Advisory encouraging hospitals that are already using color-coded alert wristbands to adopt standard colors for the three most common condition alerts: Red (Allergy Alert); Yellow (Fall Risk); and Purple (DNR).

PDC Healthcare's Color Coded Alert Bands®, Ident-Alert® Snaps, and In-a-Snap® Clasps feature highly-visible, color-specific identification alerts to warn caregivers of special precautions. They're a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to meet state standardization. All alert wristbands and snaps are latex-free.

Custom alert logos can be printed on all PDC Healthcare wristbands.

Color Coded Alert Bands® meet applicable National Patient Safety Goals of The Joint Commission and other regulatory guidelines. For more information, see our Patient Safety page

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