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CT Techs Know Patient Fluid Incidents Are a Real Hassle!
  • 4 Million

    Annual CT Scans Have a Fluid Issue That Requires Cleanup and Machine Downtime.

  • up to 8 hours

    Reported Downtime for Cleanup and Repairs Due to Patient Fluids When Machine Protection is Not in Place

  • estimated $12 Million

    US Annual Revenue Lost Due to CT Machine Downtime.

Protect Your
CT Scanner

and Minimize Fluid Cleanup Time!

    - Reduce
  • Cleanup Time
  • Costly Repairs
  • Lost Revenue Due to Machine Downtime
    + increase
  • Facility Productivity
  • Staff Satisfaction


  • Does not affect image quality nor introduce any visible changes in CT images
  • Allows for artifact-free images
  • Does not increase patient radiation dose

*CT image validation was performed under the supervision of a medical physicist at the University of Virginia. CT image evaluations were performed by a Board-certified,licensed radiologist. All image acquisition and analysis were consistent with both ACR guidelines and relevant international standards.

We're a busy facility, so any help that we can get to prevent a scanner from going down benefits us tremendously. Gantry Guard™ is an easy on, easy off solution, and serves its purpose of protecting the Gantry from fluids.

Kathy W., CT Technologist BS RT(R) CT
Froedtert Hospital, Milwaukee, WI